Start a Printing Business with a Heat Press

Everyone dreams of starting his own business but a few can manage to make their dream true. Many factors govern the decision of leaning the 9-5 job and jumping into your business formation. Cost and management are the major reasons due to which many people forget about their idea of starting a new business and keep working for others round the clock on fixed salaries.

The heat press is proven to be a cool breeze for people with creative minds who want to get their hands off from laptops and start creating eye-catching graphics for use. Getting new brushes and dedicating a room is not a prerequisite to start printing anymore. Purchase a heat press machine and you are all set to start your home-based business.

The cherry on the cake is that it does not leave the buyer empty pocketed. The heat press is now available at economical rates and they are worth buying. You can save your time and effort that goes into manual priming as these machines make the tasks simpler for you. The automated printing mechanism prints the stuff so that you can invest your time in other tasks and make more profit.

Buy the Heat Press Considering Your Product Line

Finding a new heat press when you do not have enough exposure to the product is a strenuous job.  The type of heat transfer machine, its control system, pressure, temperature, and heating plates vary in all kinds of machines. Therefore, you have to consider all these factors at while planning to get a new machine as they will affect the printing quality ultimately counting the revenue.

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Choosing between wide and narrow plates is tough to decide and valuable consideration as well. Elevated plates give users flexibility in designing the products. You can press one side of the shirt and print another design on the backside at the same time using a flexible plate heat press. Some plates come up with Teflon-coated sheets which make the process easier, simpler, and faster.

Some machines are available with interchangeable plates that are useful in printing products in different styles. The interchangeable plates can be adjusted for printing helmets, mugs, and their kinds of surfaces conveniently. Arrange the plates as per the surface of your product and you are all set to start printing them without misplacing the design. These are designed to fit all kinds of materials perfectly.

Use Sublimation Heat Press for Printing Shirts

Sublimation is the finest method for printing fabrics of all types. It is the process of changing solid particles into a gaseous state to dye the object through sublimation. The image is applied onto a sublimation paper which is placed on the surface of any fabric in a heat press machine facing downwards. The pressure and heat applied to allow the design to penetrate glass, polyester, metal, or ceramic substrate.

Using sublimation heat press for fabric is not as difficult to process as it seems to be but it yields the best product. All you have to arrange is sublimation ink, sublimating paper, sublimation blanks, and a heat press machine which allows you to use sublimation paper. Make sure that the t-shirts and other fabrics are free of any creases to get the perfect prints.

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Print Mugs using Heat Press Machine

If you are planning to start a mug printing business, then a 15×15-inch will be the right choice for you. It transfers the designs on mugs of all sizes so that you do not have to worry about the size of the material. The heat press used for printing mugs is easy to operate and comes up with safety measures so that entrepreneurs can start their business and sell customized products with little effort and investment.

You can also use the sublimation process for printing mugs as sublimation paper works with all kinds of substrates. In other forms of printing mugs with a heat press, a mesh is transferred to the mug leaving you with the highly defined print on the mug. Make sure that the mug is not washed within 24 hours of printing to lock the design in place and make it durable for a long time.

If your budget is low then you should look for an all-in-one best heat press to avoid buying many for each of your products. Moreover, you can also get mugs from a reliable source rather than managing the hassles of buying them from many shops. This is an economical way of starting the business and will assist you in printing the best quality materials.


Choose the product which benefits you in the best possible way relevant to your business. Make sure that you check the form and functions of the heat press before buying it. Features of the machine are only useful when they make your business profitable by generating the best prints with low effort. You can also buy more than one machine depending upon your budget and printing requirements.

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