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Nintendo eShop’s new working rule in favour of consumers; a welcome change

Nintendo, the Japanese video game console developer now lets users cancel the Switch game pre-orders. This comes as a welcome change as gamers were previously billed upfront.

The previous rule worked in the following way. Consumers make full payment irrespective of the game’s launch date. A refund will not be initiated, when the pre-order was canceled.

 In favor of consumers:

The new rule states that Nintendo will wait for seven days before the game’s release to bill customers. This allows the customers to cancel the pre-orders in a span of seven days. The expected date of payment is available through Nintendo e-Shop. Account information -> Your Pre-orders leads to the date of payment.

This short-coming was termed illegal by some European consumer rights groups. This matter when taken to courts, lead to some awkward headlines.

Issues around the globe:

Normally, European consumers possess the right to cancel a pre-order at any time before a game’s launch. Nintendo waived that by making the gamers tick a box stating, “I consent that Nintendo begins with the performance of its obligations before the cancellation period ends. I acknowledge that I thereby lose my right to cancel.”

The case was ruled in favor of Nintendo by German courts. This lead to both German and Norwegian consumers filing an appeal, which is still in waiting to hear.

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