OnePlus Buds: Latest upcoming and more powerful, Design, Performance, and more

Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds, and likes are highly subjective devices. For one, the sound quality may seem good, while for the other, it may not be the case. Until now, if one wants a wireless experience, he/she may need to compromise on factors like sound quality, battery life, and so on. However, the wait’s over. Enter OnePlus’s earbuds to get mesmerized.


The OnePlus Buds look similar to Apple’s Airpods, in a good way. People have always been fond of the design of Apple Airpods, so expect the same to be with OnePlus Buds. The design screams of noise-canceling feature, i.e., they do filter the ambient noise. At the same time, they let the much needed outside world in. This is a handy and well-thought-out feature.


The OnePlus Buds are ergonomically sound. According to reviews, they fit into the ear easily and don’t fall off, even when going for a run. The shape of the buds is in such a way that sound delivery is linear and perfectly audible. They are also IPX4 rated and are splash and sweat resistant.

How’s the sound?

To being with, the OnePlus Buds are perfectly tuned to sound good. Where most of the buds start hissing at high-frequencies, the OnePlus Buds takes them with ease. Also, they have equally impressive low and mid-range frequencies. This proves the all-round nature of the buds. Wireless buds from JBL, Sony, Beats seem to fall short of the OnePlus Buds. The only other bud with the same level of acoustic delivery is the Bose SoundSport Free buds. The design of the OnePlus Buds definitely helps in its fantastic sound delivery.

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OnePlus is well-known for listening to customer feedbacks and acting accordingly. OnePlus allows its smartphone users to fiddle with some of the customization options of the buds. Dolby Atmos settings and Earphone Sound Enhancement settings are some features exclusive to Oxygen OS. Hope OnePlus offers this customization to other users as well.

Battery life:

OnePlus claims 7 hours of playback time and 30 hours of standby time. The claims are indeed true and with quick-charge technology, the OnePlus Buds is one great little device to use.

How’s it in the pocket?

The OnePlus Buds is very light on pocket. It costs about $79, making it a steal deal.

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