Wasteland 3: The Zealot Walkthrough, About, Platform, a picture of the Mission

Wasteland 3

Wasteland is a science fiction open world role playing video game which is set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic America which is destroyed by nuclear holocaust generations before. This game was developed in 1988 by Interplay and published by Electronic Arts.

Wasteland 3 The Zealot

The Platform of this game is Apple II, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One. Apple II was the original platform, this game was made for. The player can be either a single-player or multiplayer.


The Plot of this game talks about how Dessert Rangers, a distant remnant force of the U.S. Army act as peacekeepers after the devastation of a global nuclear war and investigate for any disturbances in the nearby areas.

They find evidence that threatens to exterminate the left out humankind in order to replace the Flawed population with genetically pure specimens.


Wasteland has 2 other series, the recent one which was released in 2020 was Wasteland 3: the Zealot Walkthrough developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Deep Silver.

This game talks about, Zealot which is the primary mission of Wasteland 3. Zealot is located at the Denver City Ruins. the first mission to complete is to go to Denver using the Kodiak on the map.

You will find Liberty, with whom will be two guards, the player should ignore her and move on in the game in order to not get arrested.

There will be a change where you will demand a group of people with the God-President through Mother Nancy Reliance.

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You will then move to Reagan’s reborn mission, where you have to either kill or arrest Valor. To arrest Valor, you have to collaborate with the Godfishers to get rid of Gippers.

This mission will get over when you will be killing all the Gippers. When this done then only, you will be able to handover Valor to the Ranger HQ Jail.

picture of the Mission

In order to kill or arrest Valor, the players have to go through Mother Nany Reliance, Light Machine Turrets, Heavy Machine Turrets, and Gripper Mechanics because they did not agree to the bait Mother Nancy provided them.

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The players will also have to face The Statue of Reagan for which they have to take the help of Kodiak to kill all the enemies.

Last of finishing this mission is to return to Zealot, Colorado Springs, and tell Patriarch about your mission and objective and also tell him that Valor is in your custody. Then only the Mission will be completed.



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