Lady Gaga’s Masks Were the Real Winner of the MTV VMAs: She Wore Different Masks For ALL the Award Acceptances!

Lady Gaga took the world by storm on Sunday, 31st August 2020. It was not only because she won four awards, including the artist of the year, but she also included a major necessity in her outfit. The masks. Lady Gaga wore different outfits for her performance as well as the red carpet.
The opener of the night was the Host, Keke Palmer. She opened the night with dedicating it to the well known “Black Panther” actor, Chadwick Boseman. He passed away at the age of 43, after battling cancer for four years.
Nominated for nine awards, Lady Gaga shared the title of the most nominated artist of the night with Ariana Grande. During her many appearances on the show, Lady Gaga was spotted sporting a new mask every single time. It is now very clear that if anyone can bring masks into fashion, it is Lady Gaga. These masks were not sent to her by a family member who can sew. She did not pick these up from a high fashion store either!
Gaga sported a different mask dor every single outfit of hers. She went from an exotic bird to a gorgeous green ball gown. And she had a different mask that accompanied every single outfit. Below are the masks ranked she wore for each award acceptance. Because these icons which will live on forever, beg to be ranked.


1. Song Of The Year Mask
Lady Gaga’s Song Of The Year Mask

Lady Gaga Has horns! Here’s the proof that she’s officially beat us to the next level of evolution. For the ones (like us) who’re not Gaga better figure out a way to catch up soon. With her new tusks, she’s bound to end patriarchy and social injustice. Celebrities usually forget VMAs are all about individuality and fun, but almost all celebrities tend to forget that. Almost all celebrities because Lady Gaga hasn’t forgotten that. All Hail the Queen.

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2. The “Rain On Me” Performance Mask
Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s Rain On Me Performance Mask.

The mask for this performance was totally different, and a unique concept I can see getting popular once the wind catches on. This mask isn’t something one would rock if it was actually raining. For Gaga’s electric duet with Ariana Grande, she sported a mask with an electronic edge to it. The mask seemed to respond to the notes she was belting. It could’ve been a smart way of Gaga proving she was actually singing. Again, that’s some no one other than Lady Gaga will ever have to prove.

3. The Artist of the Year/ TRICON Award Mask
Lady Gaga’s Artist Of The Year/TRICON Award Mask

This mask might or might not have been sponsored by non-other than Reynolds Wrap. It wasn’t too much, but still particularly fabulous. Not an everyday mask, but definitely something you’d wear to a particularly fancy trip to a store. Gaga must LOVE this mask, mainly because she was seen sporting it twice on Sunday. Once while accepting the artist of the year, other while accepting the TRICON Award. It is, however, important to mention that she was wearing different outfits both the times.

4. The Best Collaboration Mask
Lady Gaga’s Best Collaboration Mask

This mask was fabulously foul without actually being foul of course. Was the mask crafted by the team of FOX’s “Masked Singer”? Because it sure seemed like it. Guess we’ll never know. The mask looked like something it is made from craft things found at the Home Depot, but in the best way possible.

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