Intel eleventh Gen Tiger Lake Core Processor Promotional Videos Leaks; Confirms New Logo Design


On Twitter, client WalkingCat has been distributing recordings that feature up and coming Intel Tiger Lake design. These are promoting materials for the forthcoming eleventh Gen center arrangement dispatch, materials that shouldn’t go live before the authority introduction.

Tiger Lake brings spic and span 10nm SuperFin engineering highlighting Willow Cove center structure and Xe-LP designs. In one of the spilled recordings, we briefly look at a few PCs made by various brands, including Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and HP, to give some examples.

The arrangement is required to clock a lot higher than the ancestor. Actually, in one of the recordings, there is even a mystery exhibiting 4.8 GHz support clock. Designs execution is additionally expected to be vastly improved contrasted with the Ice Lake arrangement. Back in June, Intel’s Ryan Shrout effectively shown Battlefield V 30 FPS 1080p interactivity on super minimal PC plan.

50-second promotion video

At this point, it’s everything except affirmed that the firm will dispatch its cutting edge ‘Tiger Lake’ processors at the occasion, which will be 10nm CPUs with its new Xe illustrations. Because of leakster WalkingCat, we can investigate a 50-second promotion video that shows off the new eleventh era processors.


The most significant feature of the video, nonetheless, is that we additionally get the opportunity to see the new and radical update of Intel’s logo – it shows up at the end – too looks at the new identifications, both for the EVO and non-EVO Core arrangement.

The second limited time video posted by WalkingCat advances the non-EVO rendition of Intel’s eleventh era Tiger Lake CPUs. As the introductory video, there’s a good piece of data to be found in it.

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First off, the beginning of the clasp now does not just show us the new Tiger Lake Core arrangement sticker, yet additionally, the sticker plan for Intel’s up and coming Xe incorporated designs. It also affirmed that the up and coming age of slender and light note pads won’t just help the existing Wi-Fi 6, yet even the new Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports.

Releasing Date

Intel’s eleventh era Tiger Lake CPUs are set to show up in note pads very soon; however, all things being equal, there are restless gatherings that are discovering it somewhat hard to keep their lips fixed. Intel’s Tiger Lake mobile CPUs are relied upon to dispatch this week, explicitly, on 2 September. One of the new processor setup’s principal features is that it depends on Intel’s 10nm bite the dust lithography. Yet, more critically, it’ll additionally be the first run through customers we’ll get the opportunity to see its new Xe Graphics in real life.

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