Call of Duty’s “Games of Summer” event starts today

A new event called “Games of Summer” has started today for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. The event is going to last until September 7.

Games of Summer event

This event allows players from all over the world to compete and earn rewards like vehicle skins, vehicle horns, XP Tokens, calling cards, etc. The event consists of five single-player trials. Each trial starts on the following day, so only on the fifth day, all trials will be available to play. Today’s trial was Gun Course where the player had to make way through the course as fast as possible while killing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties. The names of the other four trials are- Price’s Alley, Risky Parkour, Shooting Range, and Marksman Challenge.

 Make your country proud

In addition to winning medals, skins, tokens, etc. players also have an opportunity to represent their country. Points are going to be updated daily. The top 15 countries are going to be featured in an in-game leader board. To make it an even playground for all countries, the number of participants from a country will also be factored in while scoring. So, countries with less population also have a chance to emerge victoriously. With international tournaments of most sports canceled, this is going to be a great source of entertainment for everyone.

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