Sennheiser GSP-107 Headset- The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Need for a gaming headset

One question. Why do you need a gaming headset? The clear and obvious answer would be to block out the extra noise and to focus entirely on the game. In today’s gaming world, to play skilfully it requires you to make use of your senses too especially hearing.

In search of a superior audio experience when you are gaming?

There are many gaming headsets available in the market right now. How do make sure you choose one?

Let me introduce a fascinating preference. The Sennheiser GSP-107 Headset.

Unleashed into the market in July 2017, it is one of the best headphones which if you are a gamer, you must definitely give it a shot.

Sennheiser GSP-107 Headset- The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Features of The GSP 107 Gaming Headset


With the on-ear headphone form factor, it has a stereo sound output mode.

It has a frequency response of 17-22,000 Hz with a sound pressure level also known as sensitivity of 118 dB, and impedance of 16 ohms.


If you want to know about the microphone, here you go.

This is a boom microphone and has a noise-cancelling pick-up pattern. The frequency response of this microphone is of the range 80- 15,000 Hz, an ideal range if you say. Plus, it maintains a sensitivity of -38 dBV/PA.

It comes along with a supra-aural ear coupling and 3-metre-long cable. 2 x 3.5 mm connector plugs are given.

Sennheiser GSP-107 Headset- The Ultimate Gaming Experience

General details:

The whole package which in fact weighs 380 grams, when delivered contains- The GSP 107 gaming headset and the PCV 07 Combo Audio Adapter. Plus, a two-year warranty. Amazing, isn’t it? I forgot to mention one more point. It comes in classic black colour!

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Why should you buy The GSP 107 Gaming Headset?

This PC headset delivers an extreme and great degree of comfort. It provides the auditory enhancement that all gamers crave.

It is long-lasting and durable and immensely lightweight. The noise-cancelling aspect of these headphones creates a clear-cut communication with your teammates.

Sennheiser GSP-107 Headset- The Ultimate Gaming Experience

One more bonus facet. To maintain your head composed and cool open designed acoustic ear cups. Now aren’t these points sufficient to prove that these extraordinary and top-notch headphones are a keeper?

If you are into trying new things, do not hesitate to try out these cool and remarkable headphones for an elite gaming experience.

The Sennheiser GSP 107 Gaming Headset is a stylish pick for every gamer ever.

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