PWR BTTM takes over Kairos

StAR contributor Talia Flores attended the Kairos PWR BTTM concert on February 24 and turned the experience into an Arts Review photo essay.


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Though the room was packed with people, the PWR BTTM concert at times felt intimate, especially in the front rows, as if the concert was an experience exclusive to the performers, the audience, and no one else. The band played popular hits like “I Wanna Boi” and “Dairy Queen,” and also played sneak peeks from their newest album, “Pageant,” out this May.

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PWR BTTM is an American queer punk band composed of members Liv Bruce (third picture) and Ben Hopkins (first and second pictures), pictured here. It would be a disservice to confine PWR BTTM’s music to one genre — instead, it can be best described as throbbing, a flurry of guitar, drums, and sharp vocals.

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PWR BTTM on expensive Tarot card readings: “How could you charge money for magic?”



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