nothing compares 2 u: YOUR WEEK ONE PLAYLIST

Welcome back to the land teeming with endless sunshine, digital humanities, and no parties until Friday. Today, we’re making old things new again. Can you guess why?


BASTILLE FT. ELLA EYRE – “No Angels” – as described by chloe rickards

No Scrubs by TLC + Angels by The xx + random dialogue from Psycho + the beautiful, rich voices of Ella Eyre and Bastille’s Dan Smith (yep, the eh-eh-oh eh-oh guy). Yes please.


TONY BENNETT AND LADY GAGA – “The Lady is a Tramp” – as described by elisabeth dee

Blue-wigged Gaga (who, lest you forget, is a Juillard graduate) and the 89 year-old Bennett are perfect foils for each other in this brassy reimagining of the 1937 show tune. The song is quite an unflattering dig at why exactly the lady is a tramp, aka a prostitute, but they sound so swingingly delightful that I let it slide. Bennett has done an entire album of duets (which I highly recommend, listen here and here), but Gaga is by far my favorite collaboration.


WALTER MURPHY – “A Fifth of Beethoven” – as described by sophia laurenzi

With his hair flowing, Beethoven roller skates over to you and says, “Now ve dance.”


DRAKE FEAT. JAMES FAUNTLEROY – “Girls Love Beyoncé” – as described by alejandra salazar

My first night back in California, a friend told me that he finally started listening to Beyoncé over the summer. Well, sort of. “I’ve mostly listened to that Drake rework of that one song of hers,” he said, entirely missing the point of Beyoncé music that actually features Beyoncé, “and it’s, like, fire.”

As his friend, I need to play him the original “Say My Name” one of these days (since I am now genuinely afraid that he’s never heard it before), but dammit if he didn’t have a really good point. This entire track is, like, fire.


LO-FANG – “You’re the One That I Want” – as described by miriam pollock

Lo-Fang reworks this peppy (ugh happy people) upbeat Grease classic into something dark and haunted and striking. When he sings, “you’re the one that I want” you know he fucking means it. It’s animalistic and maybe a bit creepy and sexy.

in the og sandy sings, “if ur filled / with affection / ur too shy to convey / meditate in my direction,” which, like what? I thought meditating was about staying still. {{i trusted u olivia newton-john!}} Lo-Fang turns that into “if ur feeling some affection / that’s too hard to convey / take your clothes off.” Yes.


LUKE CHRISTOPHER — “Mountains” — as described by siena streiber

As a lover of all things “old school”, I had no hesitation when picking this song. My love for Motown runs deeper than my love for most things, if I’m being honest. And yes, I am bias, but Luke Christopher’s rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” hits in all the right places, reminding you that there ain’t “no need to worry, babe.”


RYAN ADAMS – “Shake it Off” – as described by benina stern

Is Tay’s version of this song too peppy for you? Are you trying to reconcile being a hipster and liking 1989? Ryan Adams has that music saying it’s gonna be alright.


MARVIN GAYE – “Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)” – nicole phillips

Sexual Healing was already cool enough before Kygo transformed it into the tropical panty-dropping song of the summer. Lose your virginity to this song, do your homework to your song, roll your windows down and blast it in your car. There’s only one rule: keep it casual.


MILEY CYRUS – “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” – as described by chase porter

50 ways to leave your lover, one way to leave summer. And I’m fine with that. Welcome back.


Dixie Chicks — “Landslide” — as described by ned hardy

“Landslide” is one of those perfectly written, impossible-to-fuck-up songs — you could have zero guitar-playing and/or singing ability and I’d still listen to you butcher it. Point being that I listened to (and deeply loved) the Dixie Chicks version of “Landslide” for the better part of a decade, not realizing until 2010 that a Fleetwood Mac original existed. And, sure, the O.G. is a better piece of music, but there’s something to be said for this twangy update. That it not only works but succeeds, plaintively yet triumphantly, is really just a testament to Stevie Nicks’ impeccable songwriting. I love this one.


Nouvelle Vague – “Too Drunk to Fuck” – as described by ansh shkula

The Dead Kennedys sang it about last night’s party. Nouvelle Vague recreated it for today’s brunch.
Ella Fitzgerald – “Someone to Watch Over Me” – as described by bojan srb

Imagine a dour 16 year-old me, crooning to this song while spooning ceviche out of a bucket.

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