make america great again: YOUR WEEK 5 PLAYLIST

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Songs to turn to when everything has you shaking your head.

MAC MILLER – “Donald Trump” – as described by sasha perigo

In spite of this track, Mac Miller and Donald Trump aren’t exactly friends. Over the past few years, Miller has had some profanity-laced words to share about the presidential candidate. In 2013 he said, “When he started running for president I was like, ‘Oh, fuck—this is horrible, I have a fucking song with this dude’s name and now he’s being such a douchebag.’” Just last month he pleaded with Twitter followers, “Just please don’t elect this motherfucker man.” At least the song is catchy.

THE ROLLING STONES – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – as described by samantha bloom

Walking to Late Night only to discover it’s closed, finding out that a certain ginger gentleman is leading in the polls, generalized disappointment with the cosmic nature of things–this Rolling Stones song is a one-size-fits-all classic that speaks to all those moments when things aren’t going as you might have hoped.

MAS YSA – “Why” – as described by miriam pollock

That strange combination of hope and depression of small town life, of youth, teenage angst and bravado, a series of climaxes in which Thomas Arsenault’s voice cracks followed by measured airy electronic beats, all played out over 6 minutes and 27 seconds of perfection. All of that is captured here by Arsenault. The Canadian musician and filmmaker makes lyrics like “No I dont want you / and I said why / I’m not that cute?” a punch to the gut. Do yourself a favor; sit alone in a quiet dimly-lit room; listen.

FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS – “Inner City Pressure” – as described by madelyne xiao

Big city angst by way of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls.’

“Neon signs, hidden messages / Questions, answers, fetishes?”: our overclocked lifestyles in a nutshell. Combine with the Conchords’ deadpan humor, and you’re in business. 

SARA BAREILLES – “Gravity – as described by zane hellmann

There are always those things in life that are hard to let go of or won’t let you free. Whether it be your political ideology, your love for someone else, or simply your addiction to Earl Grey ice cream from Tinpot, taking a step back and letting go of those things that hold you in their orbit can allow you to reconnect with other aspects of your identity and truly start to feel great again.

NAS feat. AZ & OLU DARA – “Life’s a Bitch” – as described by anthony milki

For when a racist giant toupée may or may not be joking but still might be our next president.

THE BEACH BOYS – “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” – as described by katie nesser

By most measures, 2016 is probably the best year in history to be a human person on planet earth. But like my dude Brian Wilson, sometimes I feel very sad.

SUFJAN STEVENS – “Should Have Known Better” – as described by bojan srb

Sufjan Stevens’s sound is “resolution scene in season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.”

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