JOURNEYS: your week 1 playlist


What you trip to.

MICHAEL KIWANUKA – “Home Again” – as described by tori testa

As I embark on a quarter in Florence, I have had many hours of plane travel to find a favorite tune. While this song appears to be more about returning that leaving, I look forward to finding (or creating) a sense of home here. One day, I will be free from fashion faux-pas and linguistic blunders. I await the day when I can order a cappuccino correctly, speak Italian fluently, and walk on cobblestones confidently. I will soon feel home again.

MOI JE – “Fais Rien” – as described by david schmitt

For those of us who stayed in bed most of break.

JOHN MAYER – “Stop This Train” – zane hellmann

There are times in your life where you feel you are headed down a track to somewhere unfamiliar and all you want is for time to stop. Whether you are a senior scared of entering the last quarter here at Stanford or simply worried about reentering the real world after your booze filled break in Cabo, sometimes a song, a friend, or a meal is all you need to feel safe in a moment where nothing seems to be pushing you towards the inevitable – the future.

YOUNG THUG & METRO BOOMIN — “The Blanguage” — as described by ned hardy

Everything changed when “The Blanguage” came out. Like, I view my life pre-Blanguage and post-Blanguage as two distinct eras. The production hits first, as Metro crystallizes a hazy NWTS sample: Twinkling keys echo within a bass-heavy void, like the lights of an alien submarine as glimpsed from afar. And the rapping? Thug winks, imitating Drake’s staccato “The Language” flow for a few bars. Then all hell breaks loose. Here are six sentences that Young Thug raps in as many seconds: “I’m chilling at the studio / These bitches wanna fuck in a banana boat / I’m on the outskirts / Chasing up the green / Smoking orange kush / Feeling like a cantaloupe!” I’ve learned that brilliantly batshit music like this is best listened to while walking through an airport (preferably in a dope outfit). The finale alone will make you feel Main Cabin Select, even if only for a moment. Metro scratches, Thug wails, and a lumbering grand piano plays everyone onto the tarmac. Truly a magnum opus. Bravo.

YEAH YEAH YEAHS – “Maps” – as described by sasha perigo

Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O is a bonafide badass known for her outrageous outfits, thick eyeliner, and incredible energy on stage. On Maps, however, we see a more vulnerable Karen. The song is about her relationship with Liars frontman Angus Andrew, and the title is an acronym for “My Angus Please Stay.” Overall, the track is one of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ strongest, and the perfect soundtrack for a time in transition.

THE STROKES – “Last Nite” – as described by samantha bloom

I listened to The Strokes constantly on the bus when I was in Russia for a school trip. Each chord takes me back to a memory: the bumpy roads, the swirling spires of St. Basil’s, a man in the metro serenading my friends and I with “Highway to Hell” to demonstrate his knowledge of American culture, and Putin look-alikes in Red Square. Great song to commemorate a great trip.

SHAKIRA – “Try Everything” — as described by nikki tran

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may have the music taste of a six-year-old, but gosh darn I’m not ashamed to admit that every time I hear this tuity fruity number, it takes me on a sweet, sweet ride (and I’ve got the cavities to prove it).

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – “All My Friends” – as described by matthew libby

A song about journeying through the world at the speed of life, and all the friends you make along the way. Keep moving forward on your journey – because, after all, this could be the last time.

KID CUDI feat. HAIM – “Red Eye” – as described by anthony milki

Kid Cudi’s career is filled with moaning bangers and crappy crappy “creative” ventures, and Haim helps make this the bangingest of the moaning bangers, perfect for drives of all distances. 

TOURIST – “To Have You Back” – as described by sophia laurenzi

The video is a trip. The suspense is a trip. The song’s a trip.

GIL SCOTT-HERON & JAMIE XX — “Running” — as described by alejandra salazar

Three and a half minutes of perpetual motion. In this case, the destination is irrelevant.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – “Moonjock” – as described by katie nesser

In a weird, meta moment, this song, about how music brings back memories of travel, now reminds me of driving my 2003 Mazda (back when the CD player still worked (what an old-fashioned sentence!)) through Texas, going entirely too fast and oblivious to the fact that those very drives would soon be capable of inspiring some intense nostalgia of my own.

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