Introducing the StAR Artists-in-Residence

It’s a tough world out there for them young artist types — the 21st century is full of elaborate explanations as to why they shouldn’t be paid. We at StAR have had just about enough of it, so we are proud to introduce our new residency program, which will give one poet and one visual artist per quarter the opportunity to use StAR as a soapbox, an easel, a big white wall, a rooftop from which to yell, and be paid jack shit to do so.

Meet Ava Lindstrom (Senior, poet) and Alex Bayer (Senior, visual arts), who will be working with, for, and possibly against each other this bright Winter Quarter. Today, Alex responds to Ava’s Nevada Sky.


Nevada Sky

All colors have names
and labels, and E-Z open
lids, that aren’t so E-Z
see, you can buy them
colors are discrete, the rainbow is a trick of the light

I bought a color
called Nevada
Sky, that looked like the
sea, but more fragile, we
painted the ceiling before even spackling
the walls

And it hung there,
and cold and solemn and blue
a domestic ice shelf
and me, beneath, dreaming of nothing

It hangs, no doubt, in
a hundred houses, icy
above the halls and the living
and in bedrooms
where other girls sleep and have no dreams

Nevada Sky must be
everywhere after
all, one gallon
was only $7.99

Blue picture

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