Introducing Pipes, or Musicians in Bathrooms
Episode 1: Maria Doerr

The Stanford Arts Review presents “Pipes”, where we bring you a miniseries of Stanford musicians in the most unlikely of places — the bathroom. The john’s daily significance in our lives can only be rivaled by its acoustic favorability, and we find it an ideal stage for shower-singers and masterful musicians alike.

~ from the artist ~

I learned to play ukulele in a laundry room when I was 15. Soon after I began indulging my hopelessly romantic self by writing songs such as “Follow Her.” I wrote this song while getting over a lost puppy love in junior high. While the song is one of my older, cheesier pieces, playing it now makes me smile and brings back fond memories. Its unassuming melody and simple structure reflects where and who I was all those years ago.

— Maria Doerr



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