“I’m so lit right now!”


WAVVES – “Way Too Much” – as described by madelyne xiao

Your favorite surfers decided to take up the six-string and douse their set in 90s geist (Green Day, come home).


AZ – “I Feel For You” – as described by john west

My favorite song from “doe or die,” the flawless debut of brooklyn rapper az who’s best known as the high-pitched voice on nas’s “life’s a bitch.” My song for extreme focus. The beat rides for a full minute after his razorsharp verse, but if it continued for another few hours i could probably finish my reading for the quarter.


M.I.A. – “Bad Girls” – as described by sasha perigo

For some reason imagining myself as more of a badass than I really am inspires me to do my homework.


BEN SALISBURY & GEOFF BARROW – “The Turing Test” – as described by samantha bloom

This is an intense song from an intense movie—Ex Machina. I love the way the track builds—it’s the kind of song where halfway through I realize I’ve been holding my breath. The whole movie soundtrack makes for a great study playlist when you really need to buckle down and get your focus on (I could always use more help with that).


DEPECHE MODE – “Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix)” – as described by sebastian le bras

80’s Icons Depeche Mode are remixed by Swedish native turned L.A. resident, Eric Prydz, known in equal parts for his Big Crowd pleasers like “Everyday” and  “Liberate” as well as his darker Techno inspired tunes “Glow” and “On Off” under his alias “Cirez D.” Prydz’s Remix of “Personal Jesus” manages to bring new life to a classic. The hymnal breakdown climaxes with Dave Gahan’s iconic voice preaching “Reach out and Touch Faith” followed with what can only be described as a Frog Croaking Incessantly. Prydz manages to bring all the elements together and create an intense droning that brings the listener on a journey to let go of their earthly limitations. Religions have been started for less.


TITUS ANDRONICUS – “Dimed Out” – as described by katie nesser

Words of confidence aren’t abundant in Titus Andronicus songs, but this anti-everyone-but-myself anthem has enough self-righteous bravado to make up for a career of songs about being a loser.


HIPPIE SABOTAGE – “Bust ’em Down” – as described by phill giliver

I ripped my steering wheel off when I heard this song for the first time. It was irresponsible, and I have apologized to the people affected by my actions.


DJ KHALED feat. LUDACRIS, RICK ROSS, T-PAIN – “All I Do Is Win” – as described by elisabeth dee

Whether I’m finishing a pset at 3 am, washing my sheets cuz I’m an #adult, or getting ready to slay at Kairos Wine & Cheese, this is my go to “YOU’RE A WINNER YOU GOT THIS” song.


BEASTIE BOYS – “Sabotage” – as described by nick burns 

The loudest, crunchiest, sneeringest cut from the Beastie Boys catalogue, artfully crafted to get you yelling along in your best Brooklyn accent. If this song doesn’t put you in the zone, never let it be said that New York’s finest didn’t do their best.


YOUNG THUG – “Best Friend” – as described by ned hardy

This is the most batshit insane song of the past decade. Thug’s genius, here, is visiting the depths of corniness to repurpose old slang (“swagonometry,” “on fleek,” etc) in a way that feels totally new. Also, the harp noises. Also, the chorus (“That’s my best friend! That’s my best friend!”). All this in what is, by design, a pop smash. And as of last week, it’s sitting pretty halfway up the Hot 100. Thugger got one…

LUPE FIASCO – “Life, Death & Love from San Francisco” – zane hellmann

Nothing get’s you more locked in than some dope rhymes over a swinging bass in lock with the drummer’s high-hat. For me, this is the song I turn to when I need to push myself into concentration mode. Happy studies throughout week 4!


FERGIE – “Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal)” – as described by anthony milki

People laugh in my face when I tell them this is the best running song, that the chorus will slap four wings onto your back as you smile and cry towards your future. But we’ll show them Fergie, we’ll show them…


JUSTIN BIEBER FEAT. J. BALVIN – “Sorry (Latino remix)” – as described by alejandra salazar

(Colombian) JB showing us how it’s really done over (Canadian) JB’s squeaky-clean reggaeton beat. The Latino remix is everything you ever wanted from this song and more. #sorrynotsorry

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