HOW THEY DO WHERE YOU FROM: your week 2 playlist


The badassest female rappers.

ANGEL HAZE – “Candlxs” – as described by analyssa lopez

Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin were one of my favorite celebrity couples. Angel Haze released this song as a tribute to Baldwin and they broke up shortly after. I literally cried in my dorm room when I heard. This song lives on as a reminder of their devotion to each other, a window into what they’ve each since called a “weird” relationship. Guess they can’t all last forever.

NONAME GYPSY – “Mary Jane Love” – zane hellmann

If you aren’t yet familiar with Noname Gypsy, she is the killer MC who outshone Chance the Rapper on his own songs “Lost” and “Israel.” The simple beats and her smooth flow make this solo song the perfect to have blasting out your speakers when lounging in sun this spring quarter!

NITTY SCOTT, MC feat. KENDRICK LAMAR – “Flower Child” – as described by david schmitt

You might be tempted to skip to the hook or third verse to hear some vintage Kendrick, but don’t. Nitty Scott reminds us to slow down and enjoy our journeys over a harp-laden boom bap beat.

TINK – “M.E.N.” – as described by auden ehringer

She’s only 21, but Tink has released six mixtapes and so many of her songs (YouTube her) are timeless classics. Her debut album will be released on April 17th and even though I haven’t heard it I promise you it will be worth a good, long listen.

NICKI MINAJ — “Win Again” — as described by ned hardy

Nicki claims that she freestyled the lyrics to this song after falling in love with the beat one night in the studio. I don’t doubt that, because I’m not sure how else can you come up with a chorus as absurdly perfect as, “I win again! And I win again! And I win again!” repeated ad infinitum. This is stadium-status Nicki — on top of the world and absolutely loving it. It’s the kind of music you make when you’re absolutely certain that no one can fuck with you.

AZEALIA BANKS feat. LAZY JAY – “212” – as described by elisabeth dee

Azealia Banks is one of my favorite bitchy witches. After catapulting from MySpace to mainstage fame, she’s now an award-winning artist. Her style is killer, her sexuality is fluid, and she has no fucks to give. Her politics are not my favorite (she recently endorsed Donald Trump, which is massively confusing) but whenever I want to get hyped “212” never fails me.

DEJ LOAF feat. YOUNG THUG & BIRDMAN – “Blood” – as described by teddy morris-knower

There’s a lot of things that show how dope DeJ Loaf is: she’s only 24 (!!), she’s from the east side of Detroit and she got Young Thug and Birdman to show up on this song before even releasing an album. But this is hip-hop, so when Birdman says real recognize real it’s cause she’s got flow and she’s real right now. Watch out for her in the coming years.

MALA RODRIGUEZ – “Tengo un Trato” – as described by shannon wu

My only vivid memory of senior year Spanish, aside from the time we spent an hour watching Shakira videos.

NICKI MINAJ – “Stupid Hoe” – as described by sasha perigo

“I am the female Weezy,” Nicki declares at the end of this track. Considered one of the most influential rappers of all time and a fantastic artist in her own right, Nicki Minaj has more than earned a spot on this playlist. Screaming along to my personal favorite Nicki track “Stupid Hoe” is a great way to release some anger this Monday!

KARI FAUX – “GAHDAMN” – as described by phill giliver

What’s the opposite of “humble-bragging”? Is it just bragging? Or is Kari Faux doing something more intense on this track? Let’s call it “arrogant-bragging.” She knows she’s better, she knows her music is catchier, and she knows that you’ll be listening to this song nonstop. GAHDAMN is right, Kari.

NICKI MINAJ – “Wuchoo Know” – as described by nikki tran

When I was young, I used to hate my name because the only nicknames elementary school kids could come up with were: Icky Nikki, Sicky Nikki, or (worst of all) Nikki Tikki Tavi. But in this sample of Lil Mama’s Lipgloss, The Queen of Rap gives the name the rep it deserves. Indeed, “I’m Nicki, finicky, so picky.”

MISSY ELLIOTT feat. PHARRELL – “WTF (Where They From)” – as described by anthony milki

Little boys like me, whose only qualification in judging music was that your song needed a dexterous sounding guitar solo to be cool, didn’t listen to Missy Elliott, so unfortunately she isn’t part of my nostalgia like she is for a lot of other people. This song isn’t so much a glorious return as it is a timely banger; her flow is fresh, and who knew Pharrell’s ad libs were as suave as Future’s are exhilarating.

ANA TIJOUX – “Somos Sur” — as described by alejandra salazar

2014’s Vengo – Ana Tijoux’s fourth solo full-length LP – is an aggressively good album. It launches itself at you, fists flying, with the unapologetic confidence of an artist secure in their craft, and side effects of a full listen may include a bit of bruising from her blunt, breathless verses. Every second is live ammo in Tijoux’s hands as she preaches timely, progressive -isms, including feminism, environmentalism, and political activism, all processed through the cloudy lens of Latin American post-colonialism. It’s a perspective that gets filtered out of the cultural zeitgeist way too often, but with her raw, formidable talent, Tijoux is elbowing her way back in, leaving behind a trail of much-needed black eyes in the process.

RENÉE ELISE GOLDSBERRY feat. HAMILTON CAST – “The Schuyler Sisters” – as described by bojan srb

Lin-Manuel Miranda may have modeled the Schuyler sisters after Destiny’s Child, but Renée Elise Goldsberry’s solo in this exposition is more Lil Kim–in like a good way if that’s possible.

MIA – “Bucky Done Gun” – as described by katie nesser

MIA’s politics have been debated ad nauseam (often with uncomfortably racist and sexist language — really, Lynn Hirschberg, you couldn’t think of a better descriptor than “ghetto fabulous?”), but hopefully we can at least all agree that this song owns.

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