Hello Midterms, My Old Friend: your week eight playlist

week eight

It’s Week 8. I have nothing cute to add here. Once more unto the breach.

BROODS — “Taking You There” — as described by sasha perigo

Unsurprising given the recent onset of fantastic electronic music from Oceania, the brother-sister duo from New Zealand Broods’ self-titled EP has been hyped by several publications as the best new music of 2014. My favorite track off the album is “Taking You There”, a short but haunting ballad that leaves the listener conflicted as to whether to burst into tears of dance in jubilation. Broods is making their San Francisco debut this Thursday evening with ASTR at the Rickshaw Stop, as a part of the Noise Pop lineup.

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY — Shoot ‘em Up — as described by cecily foote

GUH I just wanna be friends with these guys.  Their singing makes me so happy that I’m not even going to try to be eloquent about it.  Brutal content (“murder, mo murder, mo murder, mo murder them all”) flowing on great synthy riffs leaves me wide-eyed or dancey or giggly, depending on how I’m feeling.  Jam this and try not to smile at the Bones’ smooth croons.

BECK— “Waking Light” — as described by associate editor max walker-silverman 

Beck is a tireless innovator. The hype for the new album “Morning Phase” is justified. Get on the bandwagon. Climb in a hammock and fall asleep over the dawn-lit mudflats.

ANGEL OLSEN — “Hi-Five” — as described by associate editor brittany newell

omfg this album is so fucking good i didn’t even know which song to pick and i’m not even the type of person who believes in the integrity of albums or whatever and listens to them start to finish with expensive surround-sound headphones. i’m an iPod shuffler/ADHD channel flicker who can sing WHUDDYA WANT WITH MY BODY at full-volume but no other part of that song (by Lady Gaga??) and i STILL listened to this entire album twice in a row. the genre approximates punky honky-tonky angsty gritty girly jangles. A weird blend of suburban self-hate and savvy twang: spaghetti western meets TV dinner, ghost town meets Ghost World, Bob Dylan in Doc Martens, SHALL I GO ON?

CHER — “Believe” — as described by associate editor eric eich

Do you?

CHUCK INGLISH – “WRKOUT ” – as described by editor lawrence neil

Chuck Inglish is the production half of Chicago-Detroit duo The Cool Kids, the yin to Sir Michael Rocks’ yang.  Chuck’s 2012 solo effort, ‘WRKOUT’, is a remarkably versatile mixtape full of unreleased instrumentals.  Dilla-esque?  Don’t be foolish.  But Chuck took full advantage of the group’s hiatus to take to the decks and create some tasty loops, making their reported reunification this year even more eagerly anticipated.

SCHOOLBOY Q — “Break the Bank” — as described by managing editor alec arceneaux

ScHoolboy Q, who is part of hip-hop supergroup Black Hippy which spawned Kendrick Lamar for all you old or otherwise unhip folks, is dropping his first album, Oxymoron, tomorrow. There are already leaks online but I’m waiting. Q has one of the best ears for melody and songwriting in rap music. He doesn’t always display the same degree of lyricism as Kendrick, but he’s incredibly versatile, making bangers and introspective songs alike. This song, the third single from his album, has been playing over and over in my head. I’m so amped for tomorrow. Long live ScHoolboy.

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