GUILTY PLEASURES: your week 6 playlist


Songs you may not expect us to like.

IU – “Friday (금요일에 만나요) (Feat. Jang Yi-jeong(장이정))” – as described by brandon truong

The K-pop conglomerates believe that with enough external work and polish, you can bring a person from normalcy to something beautiful and profitable. Most of the K-pop that I’ve heard is too saturated, processed, or robotic for my taste  (I also can’t understand any of it). But, something about IU’s purity (apparently she’s never had any plastic surgery) and girl-next-door-ish demeanor draws me in. Her husky but overwhelmingly cute voice captivates me. I can keep this song on repeat, always. I can sing every word verbatim. I still barely know what they mean. Maybe that’s exactly what they want.

THE CHIPETTES – “Put Your Records On” – as described by ena alvarado

A couple of weeks ago, in his Abstract Expressionism class, Prof. Nemerov mourned most people’s relationship with embarrassment. He claimed it offered a way of being in the world that was seriously underrated. I think his words are now the only ones giving me the courage to admit that I passionately love this song. I have for a very long time.

BOB DYLAN – “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” – as described by talia flores

Yes, I was against Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize. Yes, his country / blues funk is as far as can be from my normal tastes of R & B and alternative. But this song… “It Takes a Lot” combines talented and clever lyrics with great rhythm and a super flippant attitude and I just can’t help but sway.

黃小琥 (HUANG XIAO HU) – “不只是朋友” – as described by katie lan

While I normally don’t listen to mando-pop, Huang Xiao Hu’s voice has echoed throughout my childhood. As I sat in the leftmost backseat, right behind my mom, I would look to through my window as we coasted through Mountain View, where my stickers darted across the suburban landscape. My eyes would follow the scattered sunlight that deflected off my holographic, knock-off Hello Kitty stickers from Taiwan as my mom sang soulfully along to this song. We both had a piece of Taiwan with us during these moments.

LOU BEGA — “Mambo No. 5” — as described by nick burns

Undoubtedly outside the purview of my rock and roll pedigree, but equally undoubtedly what the kids these days are calling a “banger.” I must admit I don’t adore Lou Bega’s other songs like I adore this one, to whose undying catchiness no lesser authority than The Onion has offered tribute. Still, I can never deny the appeal of its tribute to the modern rake (“for me flirting is just like a sport”), which—if admittedly not perfect—still seems much more friendly than the way womanizing is portrayed in most pop songs.

GWEN STEFANI feat. AKON – “The Sweet Escape” – as described by phill giliver

I can’t look anyone in the face if I’m listening to this song. Even just the first few chords of this make me shame-blush so fucking hard that my face just becomes a swollen bag of high-pressure blood. The sheer embarrassment of me enjoying this song could power the energy grid of a small city.

ELLIOTT YAMIN – “Wait For You” – as described by anthony milki

This might be the best thing to come out of American Idol.

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