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Songs that are maybe too catchy.

THE BEATLES – “Rocky Raccoon” – as described by zane hellmann

A great friend recently reintroduced me to this song. There is something so sweet and carefree about the lyrics and melody that just makes you want to sing it again and again. 

JESS GLYNNE – “Hold My Hand” – as described by elisabeth dee

I’ve been finding myself humming this under my breath since it was released, which I guess means it’s been subconsciously been stuck in my head for the past year.

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS — “Foreign Object” — as described by nick burns

Is it a wise idea to walk around singing the line, “I personally will stab you in the eye with a foreign object”? Probably not, but there’s such a joy in the way John Darnielle relates the threats one desperate wrestler makes to another that you can’t help but gleefully reiterate these literate, Tarantino-esque-ly violent lines under your breath as you walk from place to place. Just be careful to keep your voice down when you pass by anybody.

GIRAFFAGE – “Make You Love Me” – as described by phill giliver

Fully experiencing Giraffage is a two-part endeavor: for one, the visuals that he brings to his live shows are a much-needed visual nicotine patch of glitch-art and 90s nostalgia; second, his music will make you want to get out of your lumbar supporting office chair and wiggle that tush. Rejoice and wiggle to your heart’s content.

WATERBED – “Sweet n sour” – as described by sasha perigo

I literally discovered this band this afternoon, but this track has been on repeat since. The beautiful synthpop melody is fooling me into thinking that maybe it is summer after all.

TOMMY TUTONE – “867-5309/Jenny” – as described by samantha bloom

Am I ashamed to love this song? A little. Do I listen to it on repeat anyway? Oh yes. I may have tried to call this number once. Or five times.

JOYWAVE feat. KOPPS – “Tongues” – as described by madelyne xiao

Love “Tongues” for its contagious beat. Love the music video for its #freethenip sensibilities. Love the lyrics, with their hint of frank alienation: “Tell me all the things I’ve missed / Who’s been killed and who’s been kissed.” I’ve got this baby on loop.

TAME IMPALA – “Disciples” – as described by anthony milki

Kevin Parker’s melodies feel familiar, but with each listen you hear something fresh.

EURYTHMICS – “There Must Be an Angel” – as described by bojan srb

I’m still waiting for that Annie Lennox-themed Special D.


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