siberian front guitar

Siberian Front, to the nth degree

“‘Last Nite,’ and then we’re done-zo,” I heard someone murmur. I had just enough time to process a quick warning from bassist Damian Mcglothlin: “This is gonna get loud, guys.” Siberian Front then proceeded to blow up the Stern Dining Music Room. Read more…


A happy-go-lucky sit down with singer-songwriter Kina Grannis

Listening to the music of singer/songwriter Kina Grannis is like sitting down with a friend as she strums her guitar alongside a daydream. Her music is honest and unfiltered, yet dreamy and romantic. While her no-frills, acoustic soundscape makes for easy listening, you’ll often find the lyrics sticking with you, popping up every now and then to brighten your day. Read more…

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