Interview with Bleached

Kevin Chow, Sophie Mark and I caught up with sisters Jennifer and Jessica ‘Jessie’ Calvin of the band Bleached before their show at EBF on Wednesday 2/20. Even though we only had 15 minutes to chat before our legs fell asleep from sitting on the floor outside a bathroom and the girls had to go and soundcheck, we managed to hear about the symbolism of their last dreams, a riotous show in a fancy Princeton library that involved calling a painting of one of their New Light Presbytarian founders ‘daddy’ all night, and being creeped out by gender-neutral bathrooms.

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Thursday Night at the Fillmore A Review of the Walkmen

It’s the Walkmen.

The show opened with Father John Misty, Josh Tillman’s moniker, minutes after we showed up. I was surprised to hear Tillman’s voice creeping into the Fillmore’s first floor men’s restroom, singing ‘I’m Writing a Novel,’ a sarcastic tune about Canadian shamans, West Hollywood, and originality.

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My Summer With a Phoenix: Discovery Green

If someone ever depicted Texas as big, loud and inactive in the current green movement, they could be wrong about two of those things. On June 30, 2011, Houston’s new park, a non-profit organization called Discovery Green (also known as Disco Green), hosted an art car parade and a free concert featuring Beans Barton and the Bi-Peds.

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