Write Club 31-17

Write Club and Literary Bloodsport

It works like a boxing match. There are three rounds. Each writer has been given a prompt ahead of time. Working with opposing themes like blessing and curse, reap and sow, light and dark, the writers have seven minutes to perform their essay or short story or poem or list. Whoever gets the most claps from the audience wins. Read more…


Lit Crawl by the Senses

The communal telling of stories is so different from the one on one, tactile relationship a reader has with her book. When we shove into small rooms and co-opt public spaces to hear the written word together, we hope to recover something of campfires and caves — dark, echoing places where words are pulled out of solitary abstraction and into living voice. Read more…

tucker 1crop

Speak These Words: A Video Profile of Tucker Bryant

In filming we watched Tucker perform “Oreo” for different audiences; inner city youth, Stanford students, and his fellow poets. Everyone loves his poetry and strongly connects with his message. The poetry doesn’t stop when he’s off stage — he’s a poet in casual conversation as well.  Read more…

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