BUT I LOVE IT: your week 3 playlist


Songs we love by artists we hate.

Ariana Grande – “Side to Side“ – as described by nicole phillips

I’m not a hipster…but if you asked me what was on the top 40 I couldn’t tell you. I don’t even know if this song was ever on the top 40, but I do know this: I don’t know why the hell this woman blinks so much. I had to give into this song though because ya know, I’m really here for Nicki Minaj rapping about dick bicycles.

SOULJA BOY TELL’EM – “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” – as described by teddy morris-knower

Soulja Boy is a shitty rapper, no way to get around that. He sold out when he released ‘Crank That’, and that was his debut single, and nothing else really had any staying power, either as an actual song or something that was catchy enough when we were 14 to merit a throwback.

However, when he stopped trying to either create a dance or pretending that he was a southern rapper and started channeling his inner Usher, we get an actually decent pop/rap song that I might play at a middle school dance or during a throwback power hour if I had already played “Beautiful Girls.”

A$AP ROCKY feat. KENDRICK LAMAR, JOEY BADA$$, YELAWOLF, DANNY BROWN, ACTION BRONSON, BIG K.R.I.T. – “1Train” – as described by david schmitt

I’ve never been biggest fan of Rocky’s music, and will go on record as saying I think he has the weakest verse, but here he assembles the who’s who of up-and-coming rappers (circa 2013) in what is likely the best modern posse cut. While all of the featured artists have since gained some repute, this track provides a foray into some of the most underappreciated rappers in the game.

CASHMERE CAT FEAT. THE WEEKND, FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS – “Wild Love” – as described by sebastian le bras

I hate The Weeknd. In my opinion he is one of the most overrated overused singers in all of music. He comes off whiney and reminds of that kid in high school who thought he could sing really well but just ruined popular music for you (i’m talking about you Brandon). But by some miracle the combination of Cashmere Cat and Francis and the Lights (both amazing artists; check their stuff out) managed to mold this prepubescent-voiced ear-bleed into something palpable and, to my surprise, good. This song still has his sappy voice in it but the producers make it work. They play to his strengths; overdoing it.

MICHAEL BUBLE – “Haven’t Met You Yet” – as described by loralee sepsey

My aunt used to loop this song in the car constantly just because it pissed me off. Evolutionary adaptation is a beautiful thing, because now I’m obsessed with it.

LAURA MARANO – “Boombox” – as described by nikki tran

The machine that is the Disney Channel has once again managed to manufacture yet another actress-turned-singer, Laura Marano. With meaningless, repetitive lyrics and an empty music video (which opens with almost two minutes of unrelated nonsense–though, Ken Jeong’s daughter is brilliant), “Boombox” initiates Marano into the legacy of mass-produced Disney pop princesses who came before her. And, yet, I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for at least 1 mil of the views on the music video for “Boombox.” There’s something comforting about fluff. It’s mindless and predictable. It has no depth, it’s shallow, superficial, it keeps us close to the surface.

EMINEM – “Stan” – as described by anthony milki

I don’t hate Eminem, and I don’t feel qualified so say anything about 90s to early 2000s Eminem because I just haven’t listened to him that much. I think the last decade of Eminem is deeply terrible, the worst and cheapest possible music. “Stan” is great.

JUSTIN BIEBER – “Love Yourself” – as described by sophia laurenzi

Justin is a tool but this song is everything.

OASIS – “Wonderwall” – as described by katie nesser

I tried really hard to find a U2 song I liked for this week’s playlist, but apparently I literally hate all U2 songs, so this will have to do. This song is confusing, because I can’t tell whether I love it ironically or if it’s moved into post-irony. What I do know for sure is that Oasis sucks. Not as much as U2 sucks tho.

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